Our Mission & Vision

Renaissance Institute is a Non-Governmental Organization which consists of individuals seeking to provide social added value for the sake of sustainable development through educational and innovative projects. Our members believe in the importance of social enterprises and voluntary organizations in terms of delivering good public services as they can be more innovative in service delivery thanks to closer relationships with their communities. As a Non-Governmental Organisation, Renaissance Institute works with high motivational performance which is beyond bureaucratic limitations that the public sector has. Renaissance Institute creates and runs many national and transnational projects/events/activities in collaboration with a wide spectrum of organizations: public bodies, universities, companies, foundations, associations and communities, as well as local, regional and national authorities. By offering capacity building trainings and tools to organizations and individuals from different sectors, we aim to generate a multi-sectoral synergy for sustainable development. Moreover, our team members aim to contribute to the development of support systems for citizens. Members take actions to make the voice of the citizens heard and let them make a move to explore and realize their potential.

Our Mission is to create social added value in order to provide high quality and inclusive youth services in educational, social and cultural areas and mobilize the potential of young people.

Our Vision is to produce sustainable solutions by incorporating and collaborating with people who adopt our principles and values and by carrying out international youth works that provide guidance and leadership.


Our Standing Rule: Click here to download (current)

Former standing rules: 21/07/2013 – 21/12/2013