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The EVS Database page: https://europa.eu/youth/vp/organisation/945605083_en


Renaissance Institute is a youth & training organization which consist of professionals with rich experiences from non-governmental, project management, youth and education sectors. The Institution has two full time coordinators in the head office who manage office works, events and trainings. Furthermore we have programme managers who are responsible for carrying out 4 programmes in the frame of strategic plan. There are experts working as insource and outsource who are engaged in 4 programmes as trainers, youth workers and technicians.
The Institution’s activities are mostly dedicated to youth workers and organizations who work with young people. Renaissance Institute creates and run many national and transnational projects/events/activities collaborating with a wide spectrum of organizations: public bodies, universities, companies, foundations, associations and communities, as well as local, regional and national authorities. By cooperating with youth workers and organizations we try to give more chance to young people to get national and international connections and develop their competences in the globalized world to survive. Moreover, the Institution aims at contributing development of support systems for young people.
3 of the programmes are designed for youth workers and institutions focusing on professional development and capacity building but there is a special one for young people: Youth Services Programme which especially focuses on empowerment of young people to find their voices and let them to move through exploring their potential. Within Youth Services Programme, experts are designing and running trainings, exchanges, short/long term internship mobility as well as short/long term volunteering mobility like European Voluntary Service.
Our Mission
is to create added social value in order to provide high quality and inclusive youth services in educational, social and cultural areas and mobilize the potential of young people.

Our Vision
is to produce sustainable solutions by incorporating and collaborating with people who adopt our principles and values and by carrying out international youth works that provide guidance and leadership.

Renaissance Institute dreams for an inclusive knowledge society by blending innovation, education, inclusion and fundamental values. Most importantly, these activities and their benefits must be inclusive, for all, something that requires the systematic practice of fundamental values such as solidarity and cooperation.

Values and Principles that team of Renaissance Institute stands for:
To be team player
To be proactive
To create synergy
To be honest
To seek first to understand then to be understood
To be inclusive
To care about team members
To trust and be trusted
To create win-win relation
To be non-profit
To include young people in decision making
To respect differences
To believe young people
To serve according to need of young people
To take decisions according to our principles

We places our EVS activities in the Youth Services Programme which aims to develop both personal and professional skills of young people. By sending & hosting EVS volunteers, we would like to develop their intercultural, communicational, personal competences where we also look for development of their professional skills. To do so, we divide our activities in to two groups: regular / weekly activities & irregular / ad hoc activities.


Activities for hosted volunteers
Regular Activities

  1. Taking Part in Weekly Meetings: There is a planning meeting for programme managers and assistant where they share their weekly plan to carry out and report of last weeks’ activities. Volunteers are expected to attend this administrative meetings to develop professional skills. Also they are always welcome to develop ideas, take initiatives and give inspiration by attending weekly meetings.


  1. Designing and Running Cultural Activities: We would like to give opportunity to our volunteers where they can explore the city they are living in and at the same time they will be asked to introduce the city to foreigners living in Ankara or visiting Ankara. We believe organising cultural events are the very basic steps of developing complicated intercultural events and international projects. We would like to invite our volunteers to take this initiative.


  1. Promotion & Dissemination: We’re willing that our volunteers promote our programmes in creative ways and disseminates their learning process to inspire & encourage other young people to take part in EVS.Irregular activities:
    1. Designing and running educational events and projects, information seminars, project development seminars.
    2. Contributing to building international and national networks of the Institute.


Activities for sent volunteers:

We are working on establishing an international network with our partners. Network is adopted by other partner organisations and agreed that partner organisations should support network strategy thorough out different projects including EVS projects. As member of network we are in charge of providing human resource and ICT service. We plan to fulfil our responsibility throughout volunteers we sent by increasing partner organisation human capacity. Volunteers will promote our relation with partner organisations which will increase visibility of each partner organisations in the network platform. Volunteers will have chance to develop their personal and professional skills during their service. Long term impact for partner organisations will be developing common quality and value in youth work which will lead them to serve better for young people. Furthermore, Network have mission to increase awareness and promote producing solutions about issues encountered by young people and NGOs. Volunteers are placed in the centre of the projects will be a role model for other young people because of their service in different countries. One of the issues of young people is visa requirement for Turkish young people will be highlighted in the network platform. Link of on-going work of the specific issue can be reached via http://novisa.youthvoice.eu. Volunteers who take part of the project will have chance to develop their personal, professional, educational skills which will help them to find better job in market. Therefore our sending activity is related with one of Erasmus + priority which is decreasing youth unemployment.
Target group:
We are open for all young people who want to join our movement and are interested about our work. Organization is pleased to welcome anyone in order to help them develop their skills and thanks to that increase quality of their life. As the head of organization is in Ankara city centre, we target young people living in Ankara and nearby area. Young people come from different Turkish cities and provinces.

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