International Federation of Water Ambassadors (USEF)

Renaissance Institute Leads the Charge for Clean Water with USEF

We have taken a significant step towards ensuring clean water access and environmental protection. Through collaboration with other NGOs, we have spearheaded the establishment of the International Federation of Water Ambassadors (USEF).

USEF, is dedicated to promoting the importance of unpolluted water, healthy food, and a sustainable environment. Our mission statement emphasizes that these elements are crucial for the well-being of all living things.

WE are committed to the protection of water, environment, climate, seas, oceans, forests, agricultural areas and agriculture, ecology, space, natural life, natural resources and healthy living, primarily for women and children, but also for all people and living beings. We are 8 associations that set out to carry out education and awareness activities. The number of these associations will continue to increase day by day.

Water Ambassadors Association

Water Ambassadors Women’s Association

Water Ambassadors Educators Association

Language of Nature Association

Renaissance Institute Association

Association to Fight Breast Cancer

Health Innovators Association

Alfa Search and Rescue Organization Education Research and Aid Association

This collaboration by our NGOs signifies a powerful stride towards a world with better access to clean water and a healthier environment. By supporting USEF’s initiatives, we can all contribute to a more sustainable future.