Izmit through the eyes of Greek young

Before I start describing my Erasmus + Experience here in Izmit, Kocaeli allow me to introduce myself. Hi, guys my name is Apostolos, I am 18 years old , I am from beautiful Greece and this year I am attending University for Digital Media and Communication studies.

Merhaba friends of Renaissance, greetings from beautiful Izmit Kocaeli. This is my second week living in the magnificent city of Izmit , where the Erasmus+ Job Shadowing is taking place. I arrived at the city of Izmit after a long and exhausting 10 hours bus ride . I have to admit that the city of Izmit, which is facing the coast of the Marmara sea, is wonderful, full of green parks. Of course for that reason local people interact frequently with nature and it’s benefits such as clear air , fresh oxygen and last but not least its beauty.

One day after my arrival in  Turkey, me and the other members of Renaissance, who are so motivated and productive, started immediately working on different subjects. After a lot of brainstorming and sharing opinions we came up with an idea of making a short video about the environment of Izmit in order to raise awareness about the global phenomenon of climate change. A major reason why we actually focused on Izmit, is the fact that outside of the city there are so many factories and another reason is because of the rapid industrial development in this region.

I was so passionate about this initiative and after a couple of meetings and hours of talking we managed to start planning it with the local Town Hall. They are motivated too and they actually really care about the efforts of native people and N.G.O. Then we met with other departments who were interested in our idea and they offered to assist us. A couple of days went by and then the Cultural Department & Euro Desk  arranged for us a city  tour around the historical city of Izmit. Our first station for this lovely mini adventure was the Tower of Santa Barbara. Our tour guide Gurkan informed us about her fascinating life and then he took us for a walk to the old town of Izmit. Gurkan showed us many incredible things that we did not know of and by touring us we were allowed to understand the magic of this beautiful city.

To be completely honest at first when I arrived I could never imagine that I will love so much this experience and its people. In the beginning I was feeling nervous, lonely and I was missing my home and my friends, but my coworkers and coordinator from the very first moment they made me feel like home with their hospitality and character. I really appreciate the opportunity that was given to me and as I always say: Erasmus is a powerful experience..it can change your perspective of things and life completely.

Apostolos, Renaissance Ambassador for Greece

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