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21/06/2022 United Hands of Romanian:

The headquarters of the United Hands Romanian Association is located in Constanta. They are taking care totally in 100 families generally who lives in the villages of the Constanta.In this families, there are totally 300 kids. At 21/06/2022 we visit the one village in Constanta. And we meet the 6 families in there. All the families have some problems in their life. For example theie one of the important problem is financial. Because generally they don’t able t oto go tork and earn Money. So the association trying to help them as much as they could. About the first familiy that we visit in the village, they were living in the one house with totally 4 people. There is one sister and she has 2 brother. And also their sister has a husband. She is pregnant, probably she will give a birth around in 2 months.Because of that important situation, they are building a house for the 2 brothers. They are building their house just with them. I mean 2 brother,sister and her husband. They need a lot of properties to build the house and the associaton gives them all things what they need for the build the house.

Additionally, in legal way, there is permission for the kids to work. It is totally 6 hours per day for between 16 and 18 years old kids. But there is no controller mechanism to check their working time. So, a lot of poor kids are working. Generally, these kids taking care the animals fort the other villagers.In Romania, first day of June is their national children day. The association manage a lot events in these days with around 400 or 500 kids. For example, one of the their events is, the association make a deal with one hotel and all the kids go there and stay like 1 or 2 days. In our visit of the these families. Totally there were 11 house. This association visits these families every week. And generally the association don’t give the families cash money. They are serving with the kitchen staff like food or cleaning materials. And some of the families have their own fridge and washing machine. The associaiton try to buy all these necessity stuffs for all families. Generally, the rest of the 10 families problems are similar. One of them living at their home with one father and 5 kids and their mother left them because of one reason. And in other familiy, there is mother with 2 kids and her husband is is jail. Also in other family, there is grounmotheri mother and 9 kids. So, basicially, there problem is they can not work in somewhere because they don’t have any relatives to take care with the kids. Because of that they are trying to grow their kids with the money which the association gives them. Finally, from my perspective, who workssa at the united hands of Romanian, they are doing amazing job in Romania. It is really fell comfortable because we know that there are some people who trys the help the poor families. I were in these visiting as a participant of Novapolis Association and Im in my mobilizing program in Novapolis Associaiton from Renassaince Institute Association from Turkey for 2 months. And I really apriciate to see what associations doing in Romania.

Thanks to Novapolis Association and United Hands of Romania and Renassaince Institude AssociationOne of the families we visited

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