We would like to inform you that our training course project has been approved by Turkey National Agency!Youth voice

Youth Voice: One step closer to sustainability in youth work is a project developed by non-governmental organization called Association of Renaissance Institute from Ankara, Turkey. The main aim of the project is to organize an international training course for youth workers and organisation’s directors from 6 different countries (Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Moldova) involving 8 youth organizations with 37  participants active in the field of youth work. Project is going to take place in Kahramanmaraş in Turkey.
Overall Objectives of the project:
*To gather youth NGOs representatives and youth workers in order to establish a strong ICT based international network which will serve as a tool for increasing the sustainability of youth NGOs and the quality of youth services.
*To deepen understanding of youth NGOs and youth workers about the sustainability in their own organization
*To search for ways of setting up sustainable approaches in youth NGOs.
*To discover Key Action 2: Capacity Building Projects, as a tool for bringing sustainability into youth NGOs’
*To plan and write Capacity Building project. As a result, we expect to have a common understanding of Youth Voice Thematic Network which will be developed among us. Detailed division of the contributions and responsibilities is essential in order to realise Youth Voice Network after the training course.
Keep in touch to be informed with news from the project and Renaissance Institute!
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