Youth Organisations’ Forum

Assoc. of Renaissance Institute is one of 28 founding members of Youth Organisations’ Forum in Turkey which is acting as National Youth Council since 28 Jan 2014. Since December 2016, Association of Renaissance Institute became the board member of Youth Organisations’ Forum for two years period.

First introduced in 2003 as “Turkey National Youth Council Initiative – TUGEK”, Youth Organisations Forum (YOF) suspended its work after the preparation of an inclusive national youth policy document at the beginning of 2000s. After about a decade, YOF re-initiated its work with the gathering of 7 youth organisations. The main aim of the Forum is to advocate the rights of young people in Turkey as well as preparing a youth policy including all young people regardless of their backgrounds and monitoring the implementation of the policy. The Forum keeps developing and enlarging through the local and national meetings it has been organising since the beginning of 2013. As of February 1st 2014, our project “Your Right, Youth Right” with the support of Delegation of the European Commission to Turkey Sivil Düşün Networks and Platforms Grant Programme kicked off, aiming to support the work and enlargement of the Forum.

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