Call for Turkish Participants (18-30 y/o) – Green Cities Youth Exchange 6-17 December Athens

Project Summary:
The ERASMUS + KA1 Project called “Green Cities” has been approved by the Greek National Agency with contract number 2018-1-EL02-KA105-003805 and will be implemented by ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND SOCIAL ECONOMY GROUP (E.K.O.).

The project «Green Cities» («GREEN») is a transnational initiative for young people aged 18-30. The participants will come from 9 different countries (Georgia, Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Spain, UK, Croatia, Turkey and Greece). Sixty four young people aged 18-30 (55 participants), plus their group leaders (in total 64) will participate in the project, organized and coordinated by E.K.O in Athens Greece from December 7 to 16, 2018.

The main aim of the project is to raise young people’s awareness about the degree to which individual and social well-being depends on the quality of the urban environment and the necessity to think and act in an environmentally-conscious way. While the world faces rising hazards related to climate-change, resource depletion, pollution and other environmental pressures, cities have become home to over half of the world’s population. Today urban areas play a dominant role in global consumption, resource use, waste production and pollution. Various measures and interventions are being implemented in different countries to respond to the rising need for action.

An efficient approach to achieve this goal is to get young people acquainted with the challenges faced in urban environments and the recent developments and initiatives such as the Resilience Strategy dedicated to enhancing a city’s capacity to adapt to climate change and mitigate modern environmental stresses, enabling sustainable development and inclusive growth. The project was inspired by the “100 Resilient Cities” international initiative, and invites partners who come from cities/countries involved in this initiative. Thus, it offers a great opportunity for knowledge-sharing about existing strategies and ideas-exchanging about solutions contributing to greener cities.

Through a wide range of interactive workshops, seminars and creative activities, based on the methodology and principles of non-formal education, as well as a series of intercultural evenings and city visits, the participants will enhance their interpersonal, critical thinking, and decision-making skills, boost their confidence and participatory approach and learn about the other countries’ history, cultural heritage and habits. It is expected that through this experience the young participants will appreciate that thriving as a person indispensably requires respect and protection of both the natural and the sociocultural environment.

Financial Conditions:

The Project covers 100% of:

  • accommodation costs (hotel and meals)
  • visa costs, (if eligible)
  • transportation cost with public means within Athens (tickets that cover your whole stay in Athens are provided)

Travel expences from home country to Athens will be covered up to 275 EUR per participant.



To make an application please fill the application form and send it to before 9th November 2018, 17.00

The call is only open for Turkish participants who are between 18 and 30 years old.

Results will be announced through e-mail to only successful candidates.

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