HER PROJECT- Beril’s Experiences and Impressions

I took part as a participant for the HER Project- Strengthening the socio-economic integration of mothers with a migrant background- organized with short-term learning mobility in Madrid, Spain, on 12-16 December 2022.
The aim of this learning mobility was related to women with immigrant status. How was the integration of migrant women into the labor market during the pandemic, the challenges that successful migrant entrepreneur women faced during this process and how they overcame them, and how they could integrate into the labor market were discussed locally and globally. The information I learned, the experiences I had, and the people I knew helped me gain different perspectives. I’m glad it’s one of my trainings!

On our 1st day in Madrid, we got to know the participants from different countries and learned about the general framework of the project. As Rönesans team, we had an incredible road fatigue on the first day, and we fell asleep right after the meeting session. On our second day, we started an interactive training. We did group work and completed the training part of the day. In the evening we explored the streets of Madrid and had a pleasant conversation with the participants.
On the 3rd day, the invited speakers; We held a session where they shared their experiences and opinions with us. In our 4th day, we learned some tips that will help us to know ourselves and touched on the points that will make us stand out in the field of entrepreneurship and that we need to improve. In our last day, we discussed the importance of communication platforms and which ones are used more frequently, and we concluded the training by evaluating.

Since we went to Madrid before Christmas, everywhere was lively, bright and crowded. At the same time, we saw great enthusiasm in the streets on match days, as our training dates coincided with the dates of the World Cup. Madrid has magnificent beauties to see. We tried to see as many places as we could after the training. But Madrid, I can’t get enough…

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