At Renaissance Institute we have been running activities of LET’S TALK ABOUT US project in Turkey. The project includes a partnership with four different countries and aims to meet the young people in Turkey. Bringing together young people who are refugees and asylum seekers, we organize thematic meetings where young people determine their subjects without prejudice and without stereotypes for enabling young people for their personal development.


The aim of the Let’s Talk About Us project, funded by the European Union, implemented under the umbrella of the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation as the implementer and the “Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkan and Turkey” project in partnership with four different countries, aims to meet the young people who were born in Turkey and still live in Turkey. Bringing young people together in social activities as well as in thematic meetings is aimed to prevent social polarization, get to know each other better and cooperate with each other. In the final of the project, which will continue until July 2019, a stakeholder meeting will be held with NGO representatives and young people.


Let’s Talk About Us project will continue between February 2019 and July 2019. Young people from Turkey and refugee/refugee youth meet at thematic meetings every month. 10 young people from Turkey and 10 young refugees/asylum seekers attend these meetings, they exchange ideas about their problems and solutions, and at the end of each meeting, they choose the topic of the next meeting. The meetings are open to the participation of other young people. This meeting requires the active participation of young people in group activities. In order to facilitate the meeting, a moderator and a reporter are present at the meeting. In addition, social activities are held with these 20 young people at regular intervals. At the stakeholder meeting to be held at the end of the project, the results, problems and solution proposals obtained in one year is shared with the representatives of various institutions.

On the first weekend of each month, 20 young people come together and hold meetings for 4 months. At the end of the project, there is a 3-day closing meeting and then the project outputs are shared by meeting with decision-makers, municipality representatives and representatives of non-governmental organizations. PARTICIPATION IN TRAINING AND MEETINGS IS MANDATORY EXCEPT FOR FORCE MAJEURE.


Age: Participants are from the age group of 18-35.

Responsibilities: Participants are required to participate in group activities when expressing their thoughts and to display an open attitude, and respect for the opinions of others when discussing issues and exchanging ideas. In addition, the participants have the responsibility to regularly attend the meetings and contribute to the group activities.

Experience: Participants must have participated in group activities and workshops before and must be enthusiastic and enthusiastic about it.
Language Skills: Participants must be fluent in either Turkish or English.
Selection Process:
• While choosing among the candidates who meet the above-mentioned criteria, the past experience and motivation of the candidate are taken as a basis.
• Organizers must balance differences, including age, gender and experience. All young people are given equal rights.


Results: After the selection of suitable candidates, Renaissance Institute Association will contact you.

Travel, Accommodation and Meals: During the meetings to be held in Ankara, coffee breaks etc. during the meeting process. needs will be met by the Renaissance Institute. The expenses of activities such as social activities and camps for all young participants will be covered by the organizing association. All participants will receive support for social activities and all other processes from the project organizers.

Who is Renaissance Institute
Renaissance Institute is mainly aimed at working with young people and directly or indirectly with women and children. We contribute to active participation in urban life by encouraging participation in social, economic, cultural, artistic and democratic life, developing a sense of belonging to the city, and contributing to the strengthening of democratic participation and democratic structures of the city. Based on its years of experience in promoting intercultural dialogue and equality and educating young people as actors of change for a peaceful, progressive and sustainable future, Renaissance Institute has adapted and strengthened its strategy to respond to the urgent global issues in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Within the scope of this overall strategy, Renaissance Institute aims to act and advocate for a sustainable world by educating and mobilising young people to put an end to the selfish and greedy practices and use of resources by any other actors of influence and to support collaborative action aiming for the benefit of all current and future generations and of the earth and ecosystem based on common sense. RI will do this through tailored activities along with its three main strategies in the areas of digital transformation and science, climate action and circular economy, and active and healthy lifestyles. While bringing together diverse groups around these strategic aims, all these activities are grounded on our core values of human dignity, human rights, democratic participation, freedom of expression, as well as equality and respect for all regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, health or any other status.

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