My Experience with Greening/Cleaning Event Held in Dobrogea Nature Reserve

I participated in the greening/cleaning event together with the Let’s Do It Romania (LDIR) association. This event was held in the Dobrogea Nature Reserve area. We voluntarily took part in this cleaning work as a total of about 20 people, mostly Romanian, with participants from different nationalities as well. With this event, which is constantly held in different cities of Romania, a clean environment is achieved. In addition, the protection of natural habitats is another goal. We collected as much waste as we could within the hours written on the activity form by spreading out to the designated area with bags, hats, gloves, thermos and garbage bags of different colors for each participant separately and specially. Afterwards, our meals came ready because we were in the natural protection area and barbecue was not allowed, and also because the association complied with this law. In the organization of this event, Heineken company sponsored drinks, food, snacks and all protection needs. I would like to thank the Let’ Do It Romania association for taking part in this event and voluntarily taking part in the work of cleaning the nature.


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