Apostolos Skamnos


Apostolos Panagiotis Skamnos 
Work fields and topics: Media & Communication, Event Planing, Photography.
Occupation and organisation: Student at Western Macedonia University
Role at Renaissance Institute: Greek Ambassador
The reasons for the energy: Networking with International people , Opportunities for future cooperation.

Apostolis was born at 2004 in Komotini, Greece. He is a  University Student and he is  studying Digital Media & Communication on Western Macedonia University. Even though he is young , he has achieved many things in  his city Komotini, Greece. He is working currently as a journalist at one of Komotini’s  local Tv stations and as a Manager of Volunteers in a well known N.G.O.

Apostolis has four (4 ) English degrees, two (2) on each level (B2 & C2).

A great personality characteristic that Apostolis has is his motivation, his productivity level and that he is always smiling.

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