About the Project

Following the Global Youth Network (GYN) first meeting held in Kenya in November 2014 organized by LSU, youth ambassadors from Turkey and Lebanon decided to create a partnership between their two organizations, mainly due to the fact that they share many similarities regarding the culture, youth contexts and also due to the geographic proximity of these two countries.
Many Skype meetings between the participants followed to decide on the best collaboration plan and we basically came up with two plan suggestions but decided to move on with one plan for the time being due to budget restraints.
In this project we focus on organizational transparency one of the topics of the GYN because we believe to have a major lack in it in both our countries.
In this context, we decided to conduct a joint research based on data we collect from organizations in both our countries to help us evaluate the current situation based on these samples and come up with a common summary and recommendations.

Main objectives of the project:
– Putting the baseline to start a network & ongoing collaboration between Youth Advocacy Process and Renaissance Institute,
– Highlighting similar youth problems in both countries,
– Coming up with a common research, plan and guidelines,
– Raising the awareness on specific topics such as lack of transparency & corruption,
– Supporting our claims through research and tangible evidence,
– Fulfilling our role and action plans as GYN youth ambassadors.

The activities and how they will contribute to the objectives:
This project will be divided into 3 main parts between the months of March and December 2015:
– Activity 1: Youth Ambassadors meeting in Lebanon.
The main objective of this meeting will be to finalize the working plan, decide on the final research outline, required data from youth organizations, discuss and finalize the choice of samples and methodology, and divide clearly the work tasks.
– Activity 2: Implementation of the work plan.
Each group of two ambassadors will be implementing the working plan in his home country (Make contact with the organization, collect required data…)
– Activity 3: Youth Ambassadors meeting in Turkey.
The objective of this meeting will be to review together the collected data from each country to have a more comprehensive look on the situation, and to finalize the research that will be presented at GYN second meeting in Sweden, and come up with our recommendations as youth ambassadors.

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