Call for Participants to “One World” Project in Palermo, Italy between 22/30 October 2016

“One World” is a Youth Exchange about diversity and tolerance. The H.R.Y.O. Human Rights Youth Organization will host 30 participants and 6 Youth leaders from the following 6 countries: Jordan, Palestine, Turkey, Sweden, Spain and Italy. The exchange will have a duration of 7 days and will be held in Palermo, Italy. It will be open to young people between the ages 18-25 who are ready to explore their perception towards diversity and the influence society has on this perception. “One World” will include also participants with fewer opportunities, e.g. those facing social difficulties and/or cultural differences, in order to enrich the diversity in the group and to ensure the achievement of the main objective of the project which is the respect of diversity and mutual understanding. We have chosen the city of Palermo as it has a culturally rich history of Arabic, African and European influences. The current situation in the city still reflects a great deal of diversity which will complement the goal and experience in the project. So, we believe that this characteristic of Palermo will be an added value in the project since in our media based world that constantly communicates attacks, un-safety and distrusting of ‘the other’ makes it difficult for youngsters to be open to diversity.


The aim of this project is to foster a culture of peace amongst young people. By empowering and assisting youngsters to experience a reality beyond their own cultural roots and backgrounds, we want to stimulate tolerance and a curiosity towards diversity.

The specific objectives are: 1. To increase the level of knowledge about cultural self-awareness, culture specific information and sociolinguistic awareness; 2. To establish an attitude of respect, openness and curiosity towards diversity and multiculturalism; 3. To develop interpersonal, intercultural and social competences; 4. To promote participation in intercultural dialogue and cultural expression; 5. To develop the intercultural competences of adaptability and flexibility; 6. To understand the profiling, limitation and influence of media regarding stereotypes and discrimination; 7. To equip youngsters with the skills to promote social inclusion and equality by using their voice, mind, story and vision.

The project activities consist of a range of Non-Formal learning methods. Games will be used to allow participants to stretch the limits of their imaginations and habitual behaviors, and to deconstruct and analyse societal structures of power and oppression. Image Theatre will be used to explore issues of oppression, diversity, discrimination and stereotyping. There will be different meetings with local actors and religious bodies to show concrete examples of the cultural and spiritual dynamic of the city. Active methods such as role play, debates, discussions, situation analysis, and reflection through various medium (document, video, pictures) will also be used. Additionally, we will have a special focus on addressing prejudice in an international context by sharing experiences about diversity, culture, customs and habits. We envisage that by confronting participants with a variety of realities we will stimulate critical thinking and reflection on their personal attitudes and values. Participants will leave this project with a new level of social and intercultural competences that will positively influence their approaches and behavior towards diversity. We hope the long term benefits of the project will be seen in young people actively taking part in the realisation of a culture of peace.

The project will take place in Palermo, Italy between 22nd & 30th October 2016. The accomodation & food expences will be covered. Travel expences will be refund up to 170 €. Renaissance Institute will send 5 young participants together with a group leader.

Applications will be closed by 12th August 2016. Results will be announced on the webpage of Institution. Click for the application form.

Feel free to contact the group leader:

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