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Call for Turkish Volunteers

General Structure of this call on global level

Related Programme: Erasmus+
Type: KA1 Learning Mobility of Individuals
Sub-type: Mobiliy of Young People and Youth Workers
Sub-Programme European Voluntary Service

Detailed Project Information

Name of Project Volunteering for Youth Voice
Theme of Project Media and Communication, International Cooperation
Duration of Project 12 months
–      Preperation Phase 01.10.2015 – 04.01.2016, Ankara
–      Activity Phase 04.01.2016 – 04.07.2016, Spain, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Italy, Poland(Volunteer will be matched with one of partners in those countries)
–      Evaluation Phase 04.07.2016 – 01.10.2017, Ankara

Main activities:

During EVS Project, volunteers will be taking active role on development of Youth Voice ( which is an initiative of Renaissance Institute. Volunteers will find a chance to learn about youth programmes and will be able to meet with other young people all around Europe to share and develop project ideas which may help to design future of Europe via this platform. Platform will start working with announcing the activities of hosting organisations and young volunteers will work on to involve more institutions in the platform.

  • The activities that volunteer is required to participate actively in hosting organization:
    1. To organize events and visits,
    2. To strengthen the relationship between the associations through participating in youth festivals,
    3. To develop their own project ideas,
    4. To participate in funding activities of the hosting organization,
    5. To attend in workshops, meetings, seminars,
    6. To help young people/disabied people who live in city of hosting organization,
  • The activities which aim to involve young people working in information and communication in order to create a strong relationship between the partners are as follows:
    1. To present and promote activities and works of sending organization in the place where the project takes place,
    2. To share the videos and presentations which are related to hosting organization’s local works and events on the online platform ( which is created for both sending and hosting organization,
    3. To contribute by creating an online publications for informing about youth programs and activities of partner organizations,
    4. To prepare and publish the content for Youth Voice platform. To disseminate the activities through social media and e-mail groups,
    5. To update communication database of the network,
    6. To translate and design content of the broadcast.
  • The activities which will contribute to the European Citizenship
    1. To be representative for Youth Voice network in European countries.

Eligibility Criteria & Application

  • To apply this call, volunteers are required to prepare and send Europass CVs and motivation letters to
  • Selection will be done by considering volunteers’ CV and motivation letter. In case of need, EVS Programme Manager and Assistants may contact to volunteer to have online or face-to-face interview.
  • Priority of Renaissance Institute to accept volunteers are:
  • Basic knowledge in online media & content management systems,
  • Basic skills of graphic design & web design,
  • Basic skills of written and verbal communication in English,
  • Willing to work in international level & helping young people.

This call published by Renaissance Institute for Turkish volunteers who would like to take part in European Voluntary Service (EVS), a sub-programme of Erasmus+ of European Commision which allows to do volunteering abroad.

To learn more about Erasmus+ please check webpage:

To learn more about EVS please contact to:

Thank you for your interest!

EVS Programme Manager of Renaissance Institute

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