Call for Volunteer from Turkey! (Italy)


This call published by Association of Renaissance Institute for volunteers from Turkey who would like to take part in European Voluntary Service (EVS), a sub-programme of Erasmus+ of European Commision which allows to do volunteering in Italy. 


Starting date of the service: 01/04/2016

Ending date of the service: 31/03/ 2017

Total duration in months: 12 Months

Agree on the following:

Project title: Follow the White Rabbit

Granting National Agency: Italy National Agency

Where: Montefiascone (Viterbo), Italy

About EVS

EVS is a “learning” service: throughout non-formal learning experiences the young volunteer improves and/or acquire competences for his/her personal, educational and professional development as well as for the social integration. EVS is implemented through activities organized in partnership between the involved project-promoters who are legally established structures that fit the criteria set by the “Erasmus + Youth” Programme Guide valid for the year in which the grant has been allocated.

An EVS activity includes the following phases:

– preparation

– voluntary activities, called “the service”

– follow-up activities

The volunteer carries out the service in a country other than his/her country of residence.

The activities are unpaid, non-profit making, full-time and without interruption.

The duration is set beforehand upon common agreement between the signing partners to a limited period (max. 12 months).

The activities serve the benefit of the local community.

The partners make sure that job-substitution is avoided.

Eligibility Criteria & Application

The selection of the volunteers will be done by making an analysis of CVs and motivation letters of any candidates who will apply through the partner organizations. After an initial triage, we will conduct a 30 minute Skype interview with each of the selected candidates. Our purpose is finding the right volunteers whose learning expectations and needs are met within our project objectives so that we can find the right balance between expectations and desired outcomes of the Project.

To apply this call, volunteers are required to prepare and send Europass CVs and motivation letters by indicating  name of the Project  and country (ex.Follow the White Rabbit, Italy) applied in the subject line of the e-mail to, untill 13.01.2016.

About the Project

Fattoria Alice is an ecological farm where volunteers will be working with people having mental illness (usually young adults or adults). Volunteers will be a support in normal working day in the farm: animal care, work in the shop, growing vegetables, manual works and other types of activity. The participants will have really strong influence on daily timetable, they can also choose their scope of duties. Main task of our future volunteers will be to help, support and control the activities of people with mental illness. They will also have a chance to participate in the process of growing and production of organic food. They will also prepare the box for ethical purchasing groups (community-supported agriculture).


Our future volunteer will have to help caretakers and actively participating, together with wards, in the center activity. In both types of our activity (in the farm or in the center) volunteers will be supported by workers, caretakers and other Italian volunteers. During all the work time we are expectng their help, attention and openness to new suggestions. We’ll use a six month sheet shift (2 month in the farm, 2 month in the daily center and so on) Volunteers will have activities from Monday to Friday, usually 6 hours per day (the total won’t ever exceeded 35 hours, including Italian lesson and meal time when they are part of activities). Volunteers will have two day off every month to take whenever they like.

About Hosting Organization “Muovimente”


About Sending Organisation “Association of Renaissance Institute”

Renaissance Institute is a youth & training organization which consist of professionals with rich experiences from non-governmental, project management, youth and education sectors. The Institution has two full time coordinators in the head office who manage office works, events and trainings. Furthermore we have programme managers who are responsible for carrying out 4 programmes in the frame of strategic plan. There are experts working as insource and outsource who are engaged in 4 programmes as trainers, youth workers and technicians.

The Institution’s activities are mostly dedicated to youth workers and organizations who work with young people. Renaissance Institute creates and run many national and transnational projects/events/activities collaborating with a wide spectrum of organizations: public bodies, universities, companies, foundations, associations and communities, as well as local, regional and national authorities. By cooperating with youth workers and organizations we try to give more chance to young people to get national and international connections and develop their competences in the globalized world to survive. Moreover, the Institution aims at contributing development of support systems for young people.

Our members are young people, we work for young people and we work with young people. We take actions to make the voice of the young people heard and let them make a move to explore and realize their potential.

Our aim is to provide high-quality youth services for young people and to build sustainable partnerships which will bring together the local and the universal.

3 of the programmes are designed for youth workers and institutions focusing on professional development and capacity building but there is a special one for young people: Youth Services Programme which especially focuses on empowerment of young people to find their voices and let them to move through exploring their potential. Within Youth Services Programme, experts are designing and running trainings, exchanges, short/long term internship mobility as well as short/long term volunteering mobility like European Voluntary Service.

Products & Services by Renaissance Institute:

  • Trainings on Project Cycle Management, Entrepreneurship, Gender, Democracy, Participation, Social Inclusion, Human Rights.
  • Social Projects on Stereotypes, Culture, Sports, Art, Gender, Democracy & Participation, Entrepreneurship & Employability.
  • Seminars
  • Partnership Building Activities
  • Internships
  • Researches

We places our EVS activities in the Youth Services Programme which aims to develop both personal and professional skills of young people. By sending EVS volunteers, we would like to develop their intercultural, communicational, personal competences where we also look for development of their professional skills. To do so, we divide our activities in to two groups: regular / weekly activities & irregular / ad hoc activities.



  • Travel cost is 275 euro for round trip.
  • Food and accommodation will be 100% covered by the project budget.
  • Visa cost will 100% covered by the project.
  • The pocket money which is 115 euro will be given every month.
  • One person will provide support on everything that has to do with the support of the service of volunteers. There will be a mentor with previous rich experiences.
  • There will be language courses in Italian.







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