Doğada Yaygın Eğitim Metotları İsimli Eğitim Kursu için Katılımcı Çağrısı

KA1 youth workers mobility
Bushcraft DNA
Developing Non-formal Activities in Nature
Arrival Date: 8th June 2016 Departure Date: 15th June 2016
Birmingham, United Kingdom

8-15 Haziran 2016 tarihleri arasında İngiltere’nin Worcester ve the Wyre Forest in West Midlands bölgelerinde Doğada Yaygın Eğitim Metotları isimli bir eğitim kursu düzenlenecektir. Kursa, Türkiye’den katılım göstermek isteyenlerin aşağıdaki duyuruyu dikkatlice okuyup başvuru formunu doldurmaları gerekmektedir.

Son Başvuru Tarihi: 25 Mayıs 2016‘dır.

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‘Bushcraft DNA – Developing Non-formal Activities in Nature’ is an international training course
which will take place in Worcester and the Wyre Forest in West Midlands on 8-15 June 2016. The
mobility will bring together 30 participants from 16 countries across Europe to explore the ways in
which the natural environment can be used as an effective tool for youth workers to engage with their
young people. Outdoor activities such as bushcraft, survival skills and sustainable environmental
management skills have been crucial to mankind in the past and are being re-discovered by a new
generation as awareness grows about the impact of human activities on the finite resources of our
Outdoor activities in this field are a great informal learning tool, helping to develop a whole range of
practical social and cognitive skills as they involve working together as well as individually on a
variety of tasks.

– equipping participants with background knowledge and theory behind outdoor learning (for example
the development of ‘Forest Schools’ in an informal context both in the UK and Scandinavia)
– exploring the practicalities such as health and safety issues involved in running outdoor activities
and residential youth camps
– discussing the issues around inclusion when planning and delivering outdoor activities
– developing practical competences related to implementation of non-formal outdoor and sports
activities in nature (including relevant knowledge, practical skills, delivery skills and confidence)
– facilitating networking and exploring the opportunities presented by the Erasmus+ as a means of
promoting healthy lifestyles and well-being.

The very course is aimed at:
 youth workers and youth leaders involved in day-to-day work with young people
 trainers, educators, mentors, coaches
 volunteers engaged in supporting youth groups as well as preparation and implementation of
youth projects at the local and international level
 project coordinators and those involved in and/or responsible for setting direction for the
development of partner organisations, etc.
All participants are to be of legal age: 18+.

The course is built upon the DNA idea that is developing non-formal activities in nature. Hence, the
training will see a great number of NFE approaches being used. These will include:
– discussions, presentations, one-to-one, pair and group work, team-building, interactive
presentations, simulation exercises, creative workshops, reflections, etc. – used particularly when
discovering the theoretical backgrounds to the themes covered.
– highly practical outdoor activities such as fire-lighting without matches, building natural shelters,
foraging and cooking over a camp fire, making nettle string, etc. – used as examples of bushcraft
activities to be carried out with young people back home.
The process will be facilitated by the team of trainers experienced in both outdoor education and NFE.

The following project is financially supported by the ERASMUS+ grant. Hence, 100% of food and
accommodation expenses will be covered by the organisers, as well as up to 100% of the overall
travel costs (please see the max. allowances per country listed below). In case of participants from
Turkey and Macedonia visa costs shall be covered up to 250 EUR.
No participation fees has been set for the project!




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