Expressions in Dialogue Euro-Mediterranean Living Libraries

About the Project

Expressions in Dialogue aims to mainstream intercultural dialogue and de-construct prejudices through the implementation of Living Library actions. These actions should encourage interaction and conversation bringing communities together in the local context of the partner organizations.

To achieve its aim, the project will bring together a group of “seeds” from communities around the Euro-Mediterranean area for an interactive training course to analyze the challenges of a meaningful intercultural dialogue and develop Living Library competences based on the principles of Intercultural Citizenship Education. Expressions in Dialogue will train youth leaders, educators and activists in implementing these Living Libraries in their community context as a tool for promoting intercultural dialogue in EuroMed today.

Consortium Partners:

These are the organization-members of the consortium of this project

 MTÜ Trajectorya (Estonia)

 Europa House (Greece)

 Association of Human Rights Educators – AHEAD (Catalonia)

 Dialogue for Life and Reconciliation Organization (Lebanon)

 Rönesans Enstitüsü Dernegi (Turkey)

 Jordan Youth Innovation Forum (Jordan)

 Tanweer Association (Independent cultural) (Egypt)

Implementation of the Project:

The project implementation has several phases, which include mobility action of youth workers from each organization, local actions implemented at community level, a potential follow up at local level and the potential planning of a long term project as a result of it’s implementation.

  • Phase 1: Preparation and Co-ordination meeting of all partners’ coordinators (Rhodes, November 2016)
  • Phase 2: Preparation of the groups at local/national level
  • Phase 3: Capacity building on intercultural dialogue and Living Libraries (Estonia, February 2017)
  • Phase 4: Living Library events: development of local actions (March – June 2017)
  • Phase 5: Dissemination meeting (Jordan, September 2017)
  • Phase 6: Follow up development (September 2017-…)


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