Give Peace a Chance Projesi Katılımcılarını Arıyor!

Kıbrıs Gençlik Konseyi tarafından organize edilen, Türkiye ortaklığını Rönesans Enstitüsü’nün yaptığı “Give Peace a Chance” eğitim kursu projesi Kıbrıs Ulusal Ajansı tarafından kabul edilmiştir.

Gençlik çalışanlarının hareketliliğini türündeki “barış” konulu eğitim kursu projesi, 3-10 Eylül 2015 tarihleri arasında Kıbrıs’ın Nicosia şehrinde gerçekleşecektir.

Projede katılımcı olmak için başvuru yapabilirsiniz:

Some important details of the project:

Dates: 3-10 September 2015 (8 days including traveling days)

Place: Nicosia – Cyprus

Partner Countries: Cyprus, Greece, FYROM, Palestine, Turkey, Ukraine

Number of Participants: 20

Age of Participants: 18+ Years old

Target Group: Trainers, Youth Workers, Project Managers, people who are working on Peace topic


Aims and Objectives of the project:

The aim of the project is to help participants understand that nonviolence is not just a state of mind or an attitude towards conflict. It is a commitment to actively seek to change the force or situation that degrade and oppress people. It is a commitment to address violence at its roots. It will teach that the best way to overcome injustice is to come together as a community and turn to each other as resources for change. This grassroots approach to ending injustice emphasizes that change is possible if communities come together and that each person has an important role to play in the process. Finding win/win solutions to conflict and working as a community to end injustice are not easy. They require skills that must be learned and practiced, skills that are intimately related to each other and that build on one another. This training identifies four building blocks: Affirmation and Self-Esteem, Cooperation and Group Decision-making, Communication and Conflict Resolution. In order to present these building blocks, it is important to understand their relationship. For people to want to resolve conflict peacefully, they need to have a foundation of good self-esteem. In situations where people think it is self-diminishing to say something nice about another person and one feels more powerful having a great put-down, teaching affirmation is both a challenge and a necessity.





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