Erasmus + Interns Wanted!


Internship Prgram of the Institute

The aim of the internship

program is to involve inter to the daily activities of Institute in order to develop his/her personal, educational and professional skills by creating a win-win relation between intern and our organisation.

Program seeks to coach intern in order to enrich following learning objectives

  • To learn about Intrnational Youth Network management
  • To learn how to prepare call for participants and promoters for training courses
  • To get experince in preparation, implementation and evaluation of training courses
  • To learn about strategic planning
  • To obtain interpersonal and social competencies
  • To obtain team-working skills and share responsibilities for living with a multi-national team of Volunteers.


Motivation and Requirements

Intern should have interest in international project preperation and implementation in general. More specificly should have interest in serving to a international youth network. Having intermediate level of english is crucial for satisfaction.

Potential tasks which might be delivered by Intern

  • Organizing internal events, meeting(board, administration), trainings (PCM, Volunteering, Web), intercultural gatherings and workshops in the organization.
  • Developing/implementing projects.
  • Participating in fund raising activities for the benefit of organisaiton.
  • Taking photos, videos about the events and working on video production.
  • Preparing presentations and publications.
  • Contributing to administration tasks and delivering posts, materials.
  • Preparing/Designing/Translating content for websites and sharing it through e-mail and social media.
  • Updating e-mail database and online documents.
  • Welcoming visitors and assisting them to find the related branch based on their demands, in the office where they expect to receive information.
  • Participating in/organizing language exchanges with local young people.

The intern will follow the scheduled program, which is prepared by board members of the Institute.


How to Participate

Please first of all contact with Erasmus office of your university to ask for internship support.


To apply for short and long term Internship please send an e-mail to ask about the application form:


Additional Information

-Expected working hours: The interns will work 7 hours a day, 5 days a week. Sundays and Mondays are free. Working Hours: 12:00-19:00

– Holidays: The intern will have two consecutive days off per week and will also have two days of holiday per month for the whole duration of the program. Sometimes the intern will give a hand on projects at week-ends. In this case, the intern will have compulsory days off.

– Review: Regular meetings will be organized with supervisor of the intern for evaluating the program outputs.

Insurance: Sending organization and intern is responsible for the intern’s insurance.

– Intern can stay in organisation’s flat by paying monthly fee which is 200 € including electricity, water, internet expenses. Should be checked availability of flat in advance.

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