Letonya’daki Eğtim Kursu için Katılımcılar Aranıyor!

Rönesans Enstitüsü Derneği’nin ortağı olduğu Youth Line tarafından organize edilen istihdam, liderlik ve sosyal beceriler konulu “Increasing Competence, Developing Capacity” eğitim kursu projesi, 2-10 Haziran 2015 tarihleri arasında Letonya’nın Liepaja kentinde gerçekleşecektir.

Başvuru için: http://goo.gl/VndmRh

Başvurularınız için son tarih: 26 Nisan 2015 saat 19.00

Katılımcı listesinin açıklanması: 27 Nisan 2015

Katılımınız için en önemli unsur, konuya olan ilginiz ve motivasyonunuzdur.

Sorularınız için e-posta yoluyla iletişim önceliğimizdir: yildirim@renaissanceinstitute.eu

NOT: Yeşil pasaport sahibi olmak, projede katılımcı olmanız için size bir öncelik sağlamayacaktır.

– WHAT: International Erasmus+ (KA1) Training Course

– WHERE: Liepaja, Latvia

– WHEN: 2-10 June 2015

– FOR WHOM: 30 participants + 1 trainer + 1 facilitator + 3 support staff from 10 countries: Latvia, Turkey, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, Estonia, Portugal, Malta, Italy and Poland.

– BY WHOM: Youth Line Association

The main aim of this TC is to increase competencies of youth leaders/workers who are working with youngsters with fewer opportunities, providing different tools for empowerment and employability. Youth employment, soft skills, inclusion, managerial and leadership skills will be important concepts, that will be explored during the TC.

The basic objectives of this TC are: to help participants to collect new knowledge in specific range of themes so useful for their professional growth and proper work; to stimulate youth workers to implement more successful project that involve young people with fewer abilities in order to make community more inclusive; to underline the importance of intellectual capital and the necessity always to develop it, and to transfer this knowledge to other youngsters.

In spite of gaining new knowledge, our participants will have many great opportunities to take part in discussions, debates, share and collect new pieces of experience and skills. This TC will be based on methods of non-formal educations and everything will be done to provide comfortable, interesting and effective working and leisure atmosphere. Every participant is supposed to be surrounded with young people from diverse cultures and nations, to get new knowledge, to improve his/her professional level as youth worker in the field of social exclusion, to learn about the features and opportunities of the Erasmus + program, and will be involved in other positive options.

Venue of the project
The project will be implemented in the beautiful city on the seaside of the Baltic Sea – Liepaja, 220 km from Riga.
Here is the web-site of the hotel where we will host our great participants:

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