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Youth Exchange Program

 Communication Bridges for Young People


20-27 November 2016, Athens, Greece

Press Release


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The aim of the program “Communication Bridges for Young People” is the development of a viable European Youth Network consisting initially of seven (7) civil society organizations including Association of Reniassance Institute whose members will share the same dexterities in cutting-edge (information and communication) technologies. In this context an intensive workshop has been planned to be organized in Athens. The participants will have the opportunity to develop and reinforce their communication skills necessary for the establishment, operation and sustainability of the network, to enrich their knowledge in social media techniques which will facilitate and consolidate future collaborations in common projects. On the completion of the program, Youthpass certificates will be awarded.

The program will involve five (5) young people, including the team leader, from 7 different countries: Greece (Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group (EKO)), Turkey (Renaissance Institute), Italy (EURO-NET), Croatia (RAPLECTION), Bulgaria (Ecomission 21st century), Poland (My Dreams Come True Association) and Egypt (IYDA) who will be the initial European youth network members.

The main program will be organized by EKO, and it will take place at a 3 star centrally located hotel, in Athens.

All costs concerning accommodation, food, social activities and travel up to 170 euros will be covered by the project.

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