“Promoting NO HATE Spirit in Turkey” Approved!

We are happy to announce that our project proposal about “no hate spirit” to European Youth Foundation (EYF) was approved!

The general aim of the project is to lay the foundations for launching the No Hate Speech Movement (NSHM) campaign in Turkey. Although there have been individual attempts from Turkey to create a national campaign, there has never been an actual, concrete campaign being run at national level so far. As it has been decided that the campaign will continue functioning until the end of 2017, this gives us another chance to bring its dynamism into Turkey.

Motivated by the belief that the launch of the NHSM in Turkey is quite necessary and relevant, we aim to organize a 7-day training course/workshop to bring together 25 (including the project team) youth workers, representatives of youth NGOs, young activists and other young people to create a cooperative network that will say No to Hate.

We believe that the success of such an initiative is only possible through an “organic movement at the grassroots”. And as a youth-led NGO, we are going to use all our potential and enthusiasm to take concrete action by organizing this activity which will basically include:

– Human rights education

– Essentials of the NHSM and the issue of human rights online (including discussions about its relevance to our country)

– Adapting the campaign to our national context (including the determination of follow-up steps and functioning of the campaign)


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