Renaissance Institute is looking for Partners to KA2 Strategical Partnerships on the Youth Field!

Hello Dear Sir or Madam,


Our team choose “Coaching&Participation” as a theme for stategical partnership project. Project will be aiming to re-design “Coaching Guide” of European Commision in a participatory way. Acoording to research that RI carried out, youth participation is more related with coaching. So the main goal is to develop a guide for youth workers to become a coach who has approach to support youth participation.

Expected Activities:

1- Kick-off meeting

2- Researches to provide information about different coaching methods has different effects on youth.

3- Exemine the results of research in order to find out effective methods

4-Evaluation meeting

5- Documenting the results

6- Press Conferance

7- Closing the Project


Eligiable Partners: Universities or NGOs who has experience on researches and located in Erasmus+ Programme Countries.


Please send an e-mail to about your organisation and experiences!

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