Training Course on Coaching – 18/25 February 2017 – Poland

The following project focuses on the key coaching skills and fundamental psychological
and pedagogical strategies that we wish to train in together with fellow Youth Work
practitioners from around Europe. The course will be delivered in a way that will enable Youth
Workers to gain firsthand
knowledge and experience of the emotional resiliencebuilding
strategies. Here, they will gain experiential learning through the daily workshops, so
that they themselves feel the significant psychological changes that this work can bring. They
then are more likely to be passionate about the work and the changes felt and therefore be
more willing to incorporate them into their ongoing youth activities The strategies are all easily
accessible and readily incorporated immediately into any programme of work they undertake
with their young people.


Deadline for application: 26th December  2016

Send application forms to (application-form-ka1-tc-mindful-coaching)

Check the infopack for detailed information (info-pack-tc-mindful-coaching-18-25-feb-2017-poland)

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